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Janus Analytics + QUALTRICS

"We are proud to be able to partner with Qualtrics to help make a real difference to our customer’s businesses."

Janus Analytics provides end to end analytics solutions using behavioural science to improve customer experiences and relationships. Our team brings together a range of multi-disciplinary professionals, using our experience to maintain a strong outcome focus. We ensure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together for an integrated bespoke solution that really works.


Our range of complementary analytics services ensure clients get the most out of their Qualtrics experience management platform and realise their ultimate goal – manufacturing valuable relationships at scale. Authentic customer centricity requires effective analytics implementation across many functions of an organisation. Bringing this all together is a critical challenge for many companies seeking digital transformation – its’ more of a journey than a destination. Teaming up with Qualtrics, Janus Analytics acts as a growth partner along this journey, from strategic planning to companywide implementation that ensures success.


Financial Services


Professional Services

Utilities & Energy

Retail & Consumer Goods

Regions served

Asia Pacific & Japan

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"We pride ourselves on remaining technology agnostic, which means we always look for the best fit solutions for our client’s unique circumstances and needs. The powerful utility of the Qualtrics experience management platform can often form a critical piece of the puzzle to facilitate seamless digital transformation. No one does it better. Accordingly, we are proud to be able to partner with Qualtrics to help make a real difference to our customer’s businesses."


Director of Research