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Brand Tracking Software Tool

Robust brand strategy on your terms

Designing and conducting brand research can seem daunting, but we make it simple. Learn how to set up your first brand tracking effort by scheduling a demo of Qualtrics.

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Strong brands use a tracking study to help organisation leaders and managers understand awareness, equity, and purchase intent. A great tracking study is designed with your organisation values and goals in mind. And it delivers a clear assessment of the state of your brand by monitoring consumers’ opinions over time.

  • Measure ROI and impact of marketing campaigns
  • Track brand awareness to predict sales growth
  • Explain shifts in market share with real-time tracking
  • Understand and eliminate barriers to purchase

Answer your hardest brand performance questions

Is your brand poised for growth or decline?

Consistent brand tracking helps you identify threats and capitalise on unseen opportunities.

What investments should you make?

Identify factors that impact near-term performance and drive long-term brand equity.

Is your communications strategy working?

Verify which messages resonate with customers and how well you are moving customers to action.

Launch your brand tracking study

From perception to performance

With Qualtrics, you can design your brand tracking survey with elements that inform each important brand variable. From awareness through consideration, salience, purchase, and loyalty, each measure has a defined purpose and traces back to your specific KPIs.

Easily build your brand funnel

Qualtrics helps you combine each brand tracking element to derive a useful picture of your overall brand health. You can use this data to measure and display awareness, consideration, purchase, and preference. All in a single funnel that charts how well customers are moving from high-level awareness all the way to intense loyalty.

What is brand tracking?

Brand tracking is the collection of information from consumers over a period of time, usually through quantitative measures of brand performance on a number of key dimensions.

While people are typically aware of many brands, it doesn’t mean they’re considering them as options in buying situations. Brand tracking uses feedback to help you measure brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand associations. It allows you to not only understand the commercial value of your brand, but also to record changes and optimise your strategy to get more from your brand.

Brand tracking research entails surveying your target audience about your brand regularly. It allows you to track key metrics over time and learn what’s driving any improvements. And it gives you a way to correlate marketing activities with changes in awareness and preference, helping you to understand what you should do more and less of.

Learn about brand tracking