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Platform > Customer Experience > Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience (CX) Software

Measure and optimise the customer experience across every digital platform

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Improve your visitor experience, increase conversion and boost average customer spend with digital customer experience from Qualtrics. From understanding the experience across every customer journey to driving conversion through targeted, engaging messages, there’s no need for IT or services support to get up running.

  • Improve conversion with optimised digital journeys that improve click through rates (CTR)
  • Increase site or app usability for improved customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Get a complete view of the customer journey with insights for every channel and touchpoint on a single platform
  • Launch digital feedback surveys, targeted online promotions, and visitor satisfaction surveys all through a single, easy to use platform

World-class digital experiences do 3 things

Create personalised interactions with digital customers

Start conversations with customers on the device that suits them, with web, mobile, in-app, chatbot and many more feedback methods. It means you get a complete view of every touchpoint and channel – all on a single platform.

Predict customer behaviour online

Get ahead of the game with predictive modelling, powered by iQ. By combining feedback with operational data such as your web analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), iQ allows you to make predictions to anticipate issues and prioritise action that will have the biggest impact.

Embed CX throughout the organisation

Share digital insights in real-time with the right people so everyone in the organisation can take action to improve the experience. Qualtrics embeds seamlessly into the tools and processes your teams are already using, making CX an integral part of their day-to-day.

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Control the in-app experience

Quickly and easily build branded customer feedback experiences that originate directly from your own mobile app. The Qualtrics mobile in-app SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms and comes with a designer portal that gives you complete control over the in-app experience. All your feedback flows into the Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Platform alongside your website and offline data, so you get one view of every channel.

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Target the right customers with the right message

Customise your message with 20+ different targeting variables from geolocation to customer segments and site behaviour. It means you can offer customised promotions to drive conversion and gather the right feedback from the right audiences at every stage in the online journey. There’s no coding or IT support required – just set your variables, upload your creative and start personalising your digital experience.

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Best-in-class straight out of the box

Build a world-class CX program on the most powerful customer experience platform with out of the box expertise that puts you on the front foot from day 1. Certified XM Solutions, customised for your industry, deliver pre-built CX programs, with expert content, workflow, and automation built directly into the Qualtrics platform. It includes relational, transactional and full journey customer experience programs, making it faster and easier to get up and running with an expert-designed program.

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What is Digital Customer Experience?

Digital customer experience management is how brands understand they journeys, behaviours and motivations of their online customers. With so many channels from websites and mobile apps to social media, smartphones and chatbots, it’s essential that brands optimise the experience across every touchpoint. And with customers rarely staying loyal to just one format, digital experience management brings it all together to give a complete view of the experience across every device and channel.

Learn how to build a Digital CX program